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Come on boys...show us what you've got!

Just a little taste, please?

Show us that cock!
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All posts should be "friends only" if they include images, explicit text, or links to other closed communities.

To view the posts to this community, you must be a member. To be a member of this community:

You must be 18 years of age or older. I will be checking birthdates of all members, and if I find a minor, I'll boot you.

While it may save space on your page, or, keep you from getting in trouble for looking at cock pictures at work, I DO NOT MANDATE that entries be placed behind a cut. Furthermore, if a request is made for a post to be placed behind a cut for such things as surfing porn at work or not wanting your children to see the pictures, your comment will be deleted, which will serve as a warning to your membership in this community. I DO NOT TOLERATE in any way, shape, or form people not accepting responsibility for their own actions. IF you have the LUXURY of surfing the internet whilst working, take precautions by setting filters and so on to prevent any chance of getting in trouble. IF you have children and like to peruse LJ while they are in the room staring at the monitor, either explain what you're looking at or DON'T DO IT IN FRONT OF THE KIDS. Sorry for the inconvenience, but that's just the way it is. Thanks!

Now comes the important information...this community is about COCK. Not breasts or vaginas or cocks penetrating vaginas or anything like that. I created this community for one specific purpose, and that's to allow any and all guys out there to show us what they've got. Yes, this community IS gay "owned and operated" but ALL guys are welcome. Doesn't matter your height, weight, cock size, skin color, etc. If you've got one, we wanna' see it! ;-) And to the ladies who might want to join, feel free! Everybody's welcome. Ass pictures are also more than welcome as long as there's a cock on the other side of that ass.

One last little bit...everybody's entitled to their opinion because sometimes you just see a picture that makes you go "OMG! WTF is THAT!?" Been there many times myself. Just remember that even though you may not be into it, doesn't mean other people aren't sittin' there with their junk hangin' out their pants wanking to that very same picture. So, voice your opinion, but try to be nice. :-) Pretty simple rules. So, any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, feel free to email me. :-)

P.S. - Tell your friends about this community. The more, the merrier. Just like one big ole' orgy! lol

P.P.S. - "Action" pictures are more than welcome in this community as long as the action is between two guys. Barebacking pictures are OK and welcomed because some like that, but some don't, so be prepared for somebody to make a comment to that effect. Thanks guys! Enjoy the show!


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